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CARLA virtual camp VUB Brussels

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Curious about careers in Photonics? Don't hesitate and join the virtual CARLA camp to get a glimpse of careers opportunities in photonics! The camp is designed with the input of several photonics stakeholders, including industry, academia and entrepreneurs as well as the potential users (university students and early-stage researchers).

The event will run over two evenings, Tuesday 23/03/21 and Thursday 25/03/21, 18:30 - 21:30 (GMT+1)

Discover the whole program below!

  • 23 & 25 March 2021

  • 18:30 - 21:30 (GMT+1)

  • university students, PhD's, post-docs

Registrations are open!

Register before 15 March 2021!

During the program we provide three parallel sessions. For each parallel session you can choose which talk you want to follow.
Not sure what to follow? We suggest three pre-defined tracks:

Red track: New in the Photonics World: If you are rather new in the Photonics world, we suggest you to follow the red track. During this track we will tell you more about photonics in general and about the photonics study at the VUB.

Green track: Photonics business track: Looking for a job in Photonics? During this track we will tell you everything about the latest trends & innovation opportunities and how to set up a strategy for a job search.

Blue track: Innovating with Photonics: Interested in becoming an entrepreneur with Photonics? During this track you will learn how to process from the lab to the business.

When registering you can choose a specific track you would like to follow or you can compile your own program.

Parallel session alg


Tuesday 23 March 2021

18:30 - 18:40 Welcome and introduction - Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont, Director of B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics

18:40 - 18:50 Overview of professions in photonics - Photonics trends - Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont, Director of B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics

18:50 - 19:20 Parallel session 1: Photonics Innovations

  • How & where to get your training in Photonics? -Prof. Dr. Ir. Heidi Ottevaere, Brussels Photonics
  • Photonics trends & innovation opportunities in the European ecosystem -Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont, Director of B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics
  • Photonics innovation process - From the lab to the business - Prof. Dr. Ir. Jürgen Van Erps, Brussels Photonics
Parallel session 1 Photonics

19:20 - 20:05 Academia panel

Academia Panel final

20:05 - 20:15 Break

20:15 -20:45 Parallel sessions 2: Photonics

  • Photonics for food and waterquality - Prof. Dr. Ir. Wendy Meulebroeck, Dr. Ir. Lien Smeesters, Brussels Photonics
  • Photonics for sensing and communication - Prof. Dr. Ir. Thomas Geernaert, Brussels Photonics
  • The Einstein Telescope: combining photonics fundamentals and technologies - Prof. Dr. Ir. Michael Vervaeke, Brussels Photonics en Prof. Dr. Ir. Alexandre Sevrin, TONA
Parallel session 2 Photonics

20:45 -21:15 Soft skill session: Presenting online: speaking in front of the camera. - Peter Van Rompaey, VUB Marketing & Communication

Thursday 25 March 2021

18:30 - 18:40 Welcome - Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont, Director of the B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics

18:40 - 19:25 Entrepreneurspanel

Entrepreneurs Panel finale

19:25 - 20:10 Industry panel

Industry Panel final

20:10 - 20:20 Break

20:20 - 20:50 Networking session

20:50 - 21:20 Parallel session 3:

  • Virtual visit of the facilities in the B-PHOT Photonics Innovation Center - Prof. Dr. Ir. Jürgen Van Erps, Brussels Photonics
  • Some tips to develop an efficient job search for young researchers in Photonics - Laurence Theunis
  • How to become an entrepreneur? - Prof. Dr. Ir. Darren Martindill, Hamamatsu
Parallel session 3 final

21:20 - 21:30 Closing of the virtual camp - Tine De Pauw, Organiser of the VUB CARLA Camp

Registrations are open!

Register before 15 March 2021!

If you have registered, you will soon receive an email with confirmation and instructions.

In case you missed this event, don’t worry! Stay tuned because more CARLA camps are coming soon. And don’t forget to follow CARLA on Instagram and LinkedIn for weekly posts about careers in photonics!

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