Win a Photonics Toolkit of your choice!

Win a Photonics Toolkit of your choice!

Happy season’s greetings!

Did you hear about our new B-Photonics initiative? To celebrate this season of joy with you, we will surprise 10 Fab Labs and 10 schools across Europe with a most interesting and obviously cool Photonics Workshop Toolkit.

Ready for a surprise to start the new year? We will raffle 20 Photonics Workshop toolkits among the registered Fab Labs and schools. Register today for this unique opportunity! You might be the winner of one of the free toolkits in January.

These Photonics workshops were developed and thoroughly tested in the PHABLABS 4.0 project, a European project where we combine the science of light and light technologies with the world of existing Fab Labs. A total of 33 Photonics workshops, tailored to three different target groups, are developed to be performed in Fab Labs. But can also serve as excellent STEM-projects with your students.
Each workshop explains fundamental photonics principles to boost photonics skills that can be used in a wide variety of exciting applications.

B-Photonics decided to provide complete toolkits for three different workshops. For all other workshops, the photonics materials can be purchased online.

We will surprise 10 Fab Labs and 10 schools with a free Toolkit of their choice. You can either choose:


With this photonics toolkit you build a DIY-remote-control-glove. By bringing 2 fingers in contact , you could command for e.g. a robot to move straight forward or to make a turn. You learn to work with electronic components and drive them with an Arduino. At the same time you learn about Infrared technology. This is designed for participants/students between 15 and 18 years.

Smartphone controlled RGB lamp:

With this photonics toolkit you can make a powerful RGB lamp of which you can control the intensity of each colour through your smartphone. This can be realized in a workshop of 2,5 hours, thanks to the included breadboards that reduce the timing of soldering significantly. This is a nice project that perfectly fits in the domain of "Internet-of-things"! This is designed for participants/students between 15 and 18 years.

GOBO projector:

The Photonics GOBO slide projector is composed of different parts that can be realized with a laser cutter. The power LED and the two lenses make it possible to project a figure/ drawing made on a plate. The distance between the 2 lenses can be adapted to increase / decrease the size and focus of the image. This is designed for participants/students between 10 and 15 years.

  • Each toolkit includes material for 10 participants.
  • Extra material for one prototype so you can try the workshop yourself.
  • Instructions to perform the workshop.
  • Evaluation forms.

Happy winner of our free Photonics workshop toolkit?

Share your luck and inspire!

Feel free to spread the word and share on social media using #phablabs and #b-photonics.
Have a go and perform the workshop before the end of April 2019. Why wait any longer?

We would be grateful if you could send us feedback so we can learn from your experiences. (Instructor and participants)

Our B-Photonics team wishes you a very happy 2019, with lots of light!


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