Schools & teachers

Are you a teacher who would like to organise photonics activities for your class? Or are you interested in the Photonics Explorer kit or our other photonics toolkits?

Didactisch materiaal

We verzamelden didactisch materiaal over fotonica, de wetenschap van licht en lichttechnologieƫn, dat kan gebruikt worden tijdens de lessen fysica, natuurwetenschappen en/of STEM in het secundair onderwijs.

Looking for exciting photonics STEM-projects?

Are you looking for exciting STEM-projects? Make an infrared glove which can be used as a remote control for your radio, a smartphone controlled RGB lamp, art with polarisation...

A gender-balanced approach

Discover how to handle a gender-balanced approach in your Fab Lab, classroom and other environments. After all, more girls and young women deserve the chance of a successful career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)!

Photonics Explorer

The Photonics Explorer is an intra-curricular Photonics kit designed for secondary school students across Europe. Each kit contains a set of generic, durable and versatile components for a class of 25-30 students to carry out optical experiments.

School visits

Come and enjoy a class visit to the Brussels Photonics research group's labs. You can combine the tour with some fascinating workshops.

Photonics Toolkits

Be inspired by STEM projects that harness photonics, the science of light. Use these toolkits to make an infrared remote control glove, a GOBO projector or an RGB lamp controlled by your smartphone.