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Win a Photonics Toolkit of your choice!

Did you hear about our new B-Photonics initiative? To celebrate this season of joy with you, we will surprise 10 Fab Labs and 10 schools across Europe with a most interesting and obviously cool Photonics Workshop Toolkit.

Ready for a surprise to start the new year? We will raffle 20 Photonics Workshop toolkits among the registered Fab Labs and schools. Register today for this unique opportunity! You might be the winner of one of the free toolkits in January.

Photonics Toolkits

Be inspired by STEM projects that harness photonics, the science of light. Use these toolkits to make an infrared remote control glove, a GOBO projector or an RGB lamp controlled by your smartphone.

Looking for exciting photonics STEM-projects?

Are you looking for exciting STEM-projects? Make an infrared glove which can be used as a remote control for your radio, a smartphone controlled RGB lamp, art with polarisation...