Looking for exciting photonics STEM-projects?

PHABLABS 4.0 Fotonica Workshops

Since December 2016, Brussels Photonics is coordinating the European project, PHABLABS 4.0, which is based on combining the World of Photonics with the growing creative ecosystem of existing Fab Labs.

During this project, 33 Photonics Workshops tailored for three different target groups (10-14j, 15-18j, 18+) were developed. In our opinion these projects works perfectly as STEM-projects in fab labs or class rooms.

Make an infrared glove with which you can control a robot, learn how to make real holograms, charge your smartphone with a self-made solar tracking system...

All instructions can be found open-source on the PHABLABS 4.0 website.

Building a prototype and learn about light at the same time! Really amazing!

Where can I find all the material?

Interested? But you don't like to search for the suitable materials yourself? No worries! All necessary photonics material can be purchased via this website and you can also order the complete toolkit (incl. photonics and electronics materials) from 3 selected workshop via the button below.